The Most Effective Mixed Martial Arts Workout

  • Full Body Workout
  • Great Cardio Exercise
  • Exacellent Strength Training
  • Up to 30x more muscle activation
  • Customize for all sized & confirgurations
  • Folds up effort lessly in just seconds
  • Soft interactive targets ensure corrent form & add resistance to your workout
  • FUN!

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Cross Training

Easy and fun to get started for anyone. Basic moves explained clearly in the instructional DVD. Soft pads help avoid injury. Interactive Targets assist, even beginners, with correct form.

  • Will I be able to follow all the moves?
    The moves are simple and the targets make sure your form is correct. The BAS stand makes you do it right and you will have the best trainer in the world – Bas Rutten guiding you.
  • Can I do this every day?
    Absolutely! Great total body & cardio workout.
  • Does it come in different sizes?
    Not necessary! The BAS Stand is easily adjustable for all sizes. Perfect for multiple users.
  • How much space do I need?
    Fits in the corner of any room, garage or even an outdoor patio.
  • Is it easy to store?
    Yes! Just pop off the pads and the stand folds up to the size of a few umbrellas.
  • Is this good for building up, strengthening or stretching?
    Yes! You can build up, strengthen or just stretch depending on which workouts you do and how hard you hit the targets.
  • Is it good for kids?
    This is the greatest workout for kids. No worry about weights hurting growing bones. The BAS gives an empowering sense of self-confidence with the coolest workout around.