The Most Effective Mixed Martial Arts Workout

  • Full Body Workout
  • Great Cardio Exercise
  • Exacellent Strength Training
  • Up to 30x more muscle activation
  • Customize for all sized & confirgurations
  • Folds up effort lessly in just seconds
  • Soft interactive targets ensure corrent form & add resistance to your workout
  • FUN!

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Martial Arts

Practice without a sparring partner. Interactive targets make sure your form is correct. Resistance gives a better workout in less time than shadow boxing. Unlike heavy bags, no need to reinforce your ceiling or tear up your joints & tendons.

Uppercuts! No other product works like the BAS for upper cuts. Use the same product as the Pros do. The closest thing to a sparring partner and Bas Rutten as your personal coach!

  • How Tough Is It?
    You saw the video. Bas Rutten, Kimbo Slice, Duane “Bang” Ludwig, Hector Pena. Bas has been using it in his gym to train members of the U.S. Special Forces, Pro Football Players and loads of other top athletes who train with him. Very tough!
  • Why Doesn’t the Stand Move?
  • The BAS Stand has been scientifically engineered to absorb impact before your energy moves it. This allows you to hit it as hard as you want without jamming your joints.
  • Is This A Good Workout For Professionals?
    This is the same workout Bas uses himself and with all the Pros he coaches.
  • How Did You Set The Price?
    The BAS Stand is gym quality equipment with consumer pricing. When you realize the amount of science that has gone into this product and see how well made it is you will know what a great deal you are getting. What’s the point of buying a Heavy Bag or Bob if you don’t get the workout you need? The BAS Stand can truly take you to the next level.