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Explosive Training - Full Body Workout

Interactive workout + wearable trackable system
Next level training

Hundreds of 5 Star Reviews

XLINK Wearable Training System: Track Hits and Kicks

XLINK is the ONLY wearable tracker system that coordinates hits and kicks.

Next level tracking: How hard? How fast? How many? Attach the 2 or 4 Tracker Systems to your wrists and ankles to individually monitor kicks and punches. 

Track your progress via our free app: Total hits, Speed, Time, G Force

Complete challenges against martial art professionals, friends and coaches - it's easy to upload personalized challenges.

Free app included with system. No subscription required. Find it here: Apple App Store and Google Play Store

BAS Body Action System includes: Head Pad, Torso Pad, Focus Pads, T-Bar, 6 Weight Bags, and training from UFC Hall of Fame Legend Bas Rutten.

Combine the most effective martial arts training system with XLINK: interactive wrist and ankle sensors to track your workout. 
Body Action System + XLINK packages:


Payments as low as $62 per month

No credit. No problem. No late fees ever.

Compare BAS to other workouts

Uppercuts! Liver shots! Strikes! Kicks!
No other equipment works like the Body Action System.

Watch Bas Rutten crush his workout with the Body Action System

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