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Setup Assembly Instructions

Setup Assembly Instructions

After you have viewed the set-up video, please review these additional notes about assembling your Body Action System: 

    • Do not overfill Weight Bags. No more than 25 lbs. per bag. Bags should easily bend over the legs so both ends are resting on the floor.

    • Do not force the upper part of the center bar on the main stand too far. Extend carefully and stop when you feel resistance. Please contact us immediately if the 2 vertical posts become separated as you will need a new part to stabilize the stand.

    • Do not over-tighten the clamps. Tighten only until snug and flip the lever to finish the process. Loosen the bolt if the lever seems too tight.

    • Torso Pad bolt connection is different from the other clamps. It actually uses the metal post that runs the length of the clamp as the nut instead of a butterfly nut. We do this so it acts like a hinge and the clamp can swing out of the way when you want to remove the pad. Please see the picture below if you are having any problem.

    • Be sure legs and weight bags are in back, behind the stand. The area in front of the BAS should be completely clear.

        Contact us at with any other questions. 

        Torso Clamp Assembly