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Core Strength.
Cardiovascular Endurance.
Crush Uppercuts, Liver Shots & Kicks.
Track speed and strength of hits and kicks with XLINK trackers.

BAS System : Closest thing to a real SPARRING partner!

- Head Pad allows you to correctly and accurately perform Uppercuts & Hooks.
 - Torso Pad with interactive targets drives proper form for punches, elbows and knees
 - Focus Pads & T-Bars for side-to-side striking, kicks and greater mass for advanced core training.
BAS is compact and easy to move and store
Fully adjustable for athletes of all sizes
Stand collapses quickly and easily for compact storage.
All models include 6 sand bags (you fill them) for stability and Bas Rutten training materials.

Digital Training Videos

UFC Hall of Fame Legend Bas Rutten delivers hard hitting training routines for MMA, Boxing, and Muay Thai.

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