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Only Product that has the patented head and torso pads for perfect uppercuts and hooks

Anatomically correct pads allow for realistic function and form

Folds Down for Easy Compact Storage


Heavy Bag

  • Hard Suface!
  • Like hitting a Wall, jam your knees, kicks & punches
  • No strike follow through, can feel like hitting knuckles instead of body or jay
  • No Uppercuts, Hooks to Head or Great Angles like the BAS

Shadow Boxing

  • No Targets = No Resistance
  • Wildly Punching air with No Aim
  • Bad Form = Bad Workout Form is critical to best benefit from a workout


  • Can weigh up to 250 lbs. filled & still slide across the floor when hit
  • Hard Surface!
  • Like hitting a Wall, jam your Knees, Kicks & Punches
  • No Strike Follow Through Can feel like hitting Knuckles instead of Body or Jaw
  • No Uppercuts, Hooks to Head or Great Angles like the BAS

Pad Systems

  • EXPENSIVE. Can cost approx. $1,249
  • Flat Pads
  • Stop Workout to adjust pads for different angles
  • Pads Close to stand Limit Movement
  • Angles of Pads do not simulate Head & Torso like BAS System


  • VERY EXPENSIVE. Approx. $7000.
  • No Head = No Uppercuts, Hooks, or other great Head Shots like BAS System
  • Pads Flat & face forward – No Realistic angles for good Power Strikes like BAS System
  • Good Workout or Expensive Toy?