compare bas



  • Pads have hundreds of combinations of adjustments for height, width, angles and pad rotation
  • Adjust to the perfect height - head can go as height 6.5' or as low 4'


Heavy Bag

  • Hard Suface!
  • Like hitting a Wall, jam your knees, kicks & punches
  • No strike follow through, can feel like hitting knuckles instead of body or jay
  • No Uppercuts, Hooks to Head or Great Angles like the BAS

Shadow Boxing

  • No Targets = No Resistance
  • Wildly Punching air with No Aim
  • Bad Form = Bad Workout Form is critical to best benefit from a workout


  • Can weigh up to 250 lbs. filled & still slide across the floor when hit
  • Hard Surface!
  • Like hitting a Wall, jam your Knees, Kicks & Punches
  • No Strike Follow Through Can feel like hitting Knuckles instead of Body or Jaw
  • No Uppercuts, Hooks to Head or Great Angles like the BAS

Pad Systems

  • EXPENSIVE. Can cost approx. $1,249
  • Flat Pads
  • Stop Workout to adjust pads for different angles
  • Pads Close to stand Limit Movement
  • Angles of Pads do not simulate Head & Torso like BAS System


  • VERY EXPENSIVE. Approx. $7000.
  • No Head = No Uppercuts, Hooks, or other great Head Shots like BAS System
  • Pads Flat & face forward – No Realistic angles for good Power Strikes like BAS System
  • Good Workout or Expensive Toy?