“Bas mixed martial arts program is simply second to none. Training with Bas definitely took me to the next level.”

Randy CoutureMMA Heavyweight World Champion

“Great set of workout tapes. It's a fantastic workout.”

Chelsea R.

“Who would have thought somebody would have created something this fantastic.”

Marcus Kowal

“It’s easy to visualize your opponent - Here’s your opponent.”

Darrell DuprasU.S. Collegiate Taekwondo Team

“I’ve been on two national teams. Takes 12 people to work out like that.”

Shauna J.

“Comparing this to hitting the air, this is 5 million times better.”

Ann P.

“The BAS system definitely makes a difference. You are going to be in the best shape you’ve ever been in. Doing BAS’ system is a great way to get in shape.”

Kim S.

“Using BAS' workout it gives pretty much anybody access to feel powerful and empowered and more awake, more alive.”

Jen S.

“You’re working your butt, you’re working your core, you’re working your arms, you’re working your cardiovascular because you’re constantly moving, it’s outstanding.”