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This product is legit. Very well made. Excellent price. I’ve been beating on this thing for over a year and it’s hanging tough.

Dante C.

I have one and it is no joke. Greatest way to work on accuracy and fitness. The workouts are just amazing. :)

William P.

Buy it. If you are on the fence you won’t regret it. And get the workouts they have - get to Level 3 in the workouts and you’ve earned it! It’s worth it.

Billy B.

This is stronger than it looks - I uppercut and the sh*t hits back. Love it - very adjustable and good when you have no one to hold pads.

Ivan I.

Best thing I’ve done recently. I’m on the dark side of 60 years, and now go for 45 minutes. Lost over 35 pounds - it’s a beast. Well worth the money.

Steven B.

Just finished a half hour on it. Have had it for about 4 weeks and my wife and I beat the crap out of it almost every day. We’ve named it after our exes for extra motivation. 🙂

Ron W.

Best money you can spend for sure! I don’t regret a single penny 8 months later.

Leslie J.

Holds up very well to elbows, knees, kicks and easily handles hard punches. Best money I’ve spent on my training gear!


Great Cardio Boxing Workout. Love this system. GREAT cardio work out. Love the way the "head & solar plexus" spring back into position.

Bonnie B.

Best money you can spend for sure! I don’t regret a single penny 8 months later.

Zane T.

We’ve had the BAS Action System for 8 years and love it! Contacted customer service for replacement cover and was able to get an answer right away. We are a satisfied customer!

Teresa M.

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